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Smart groups (automatically created)
A "smart group" would automatically determine its members/accounts based on certain factors. The system could support "default" smart groups and "custom" smart groups. ----- Default smart groups: ----- Default smart groups would be ones that could be created without any admin input. Examples include: • Streets (one group per street within the community, with all accounts that live on that street) • Board members (a single group, with all members on the "board members" page type) • Committees (one group per committee, with all members listed in that committee on the "committees" page type) • Buildings (this would be more complex, but it’d look for patterns that indicated the community has 2+ multi-tenant buildings) ----- Custom smart groups: ----- Custom smart groups would be ones that could be created by the admin, but would need certain details to be provided. Examples include: • Collection of streets (admin would select 2+ street names; useful for sections within a community) • Last login (admin would indicate more/less recent than a certain time period; e.g., more recent than 30 days or less recent than 6 months) It would be nice to be able to toggle the default smart groups on or off. For example, if you don't need smart groups based on streets, you could disable this type of default smart group. ---------- Will require this feature request to be developed first: https://feedback.hoa-express.com/feature-requests/p/add-accounts-to-groups
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