Email accounts section in the beta Admin Portal
The beta Admin Portal now supports limited functionality from the email accounts section! More features from this section are on their way.
Domain setup in the beta Admin Portal
The beta Admin Portal now supports setting up new domains!
More intelligent blast email “from”
Blast emails will now use a more intelligent “from” address whenever the “direct replies to” feature is used.
  1. If the “direct replies to” email address is “,” we’ll use that email address in the “from” field.
  2. If the “direct replies to” email address is not “,” we’ll use “[email protected]” in the “from” field.
This avoids using a “no-reply” email address, which may have given the wrong impression that replies weren’t permitted, even though the “direct replies to” feature was used.
Name formatting now uses smart quotes
Most places where a person’s name is displayed, our software applies a sophisticated algorithm to format the name correctly, even if the user originally typed the name with poor formatting (e.g. all lowercase or all uppercase).
We’ve improved that algorithm to now intelligently convert plain quotes to smart quotes (see this changelog entry to learn more about the difference). This will help names with quotes appear more visually appealing!
Improved searching
Searching for members, accounts, forum posts, etc. is now quote curliness and diacritics agnostic. What does that mean?
Quote curliness refers to whether a quote is “smart” or not. Plain quotes are simply vertical, whereas smart quotes are styled either left or right. Hereʼs a comparison:
  • Plain single quote:
  • Plain double quote:
  • Left single quote:
  • Left double quote:
  • Right single quote:
  • Right double quote:
Now, searching any single quote—whether plain or smart—will find results matching any other single quote. The same goes for double quotes.
Similarly, this improvement also goes for letters with diacritics too. For example, searching for the letter
will now match
, etc.
Transfer community-managed domains from beta Admin Portal
The beta Admin Portal now supports initiating the transfer of community-managed domains to our management.
Change website address from beta Admin Portal
The beta Admin Portal now supports changing your website address from the domains section.
Webmail date/time defaults kept in sync
Now, if changes are made to your website's date/time settings, we'll keep those preferences in sync with our email account platform. This means new email accounts will be provisioned with the updated settings instead of any prior settings.
More intelligent registration email verbiage
The confirmation email sent to members after registering now uses more intelligent subject lines and titles, taking into consideration whether account approval is required along with whether they registered themselves or another member registered for them.
See where replies were directed to
When viewing the details of a blast email, you can now see where replies were directed to (if this feature was used):
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