Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


You can now view and manage the “classifieds” page type from within the Admin Portal, using the beta page management experience.
We’ve increased the maximum number of balance history entries that will be shown for customers using the online payments platform. Previously, we’d show a maximum of 100 entries; now, that limit has been increased to 500.
We’ve redesigned the footer of email announcements sent by our company to website administrators, to give it a fresh new look.
(This redesigned footer only applies to emails sent from our company to our customers—not emails from a community to its members.)
A small, but helpful improvement: if a 6-digit verification code is pasted into the new onboarding process (to verify the email address), the form will automatically be submitted.
Emails sent via our modernized code—including blast emails sent by admins to their community’s members and email announcements from our company to our customers—will now include an improved unsubscribe link that does not require signing in to use.
The online payments platform’s “Balance history” page now displays a “Loading…” indicator while the history is being loaded:
In order to prevent accidental bank account verification attempts before the microdeposits have actually arrived, which risks exhausting the verification attempts allowed by our payment processor, we’ve implemented a warning that prevents attempting to verify a bank account that hasn’t had enough time for its microdeposits to arrive.
Screenshot of warning
We’ve introduced a brand new onboarding experience! The completely redesigned experience is faster & easier, plus it’s powered by our next gen technologies. If you’re looking to build a community website with HOA Express, there’s never been a better time to start for free!
We’ve made a small improvement to the member import process. Previously, if location details (e.g., the city, state, and ZIP code in the United States) were erroneously provided for an address inside the community (which do not require these details), the member import process would issue an error for these rows. Now, as long as the location matches the community’s location, no error will be issued and the import process will proceed.
When signing into the Admin Portal, if the primary bot detection mechanism (powered by Google) believes the user is likely a bot, instead of blocking the sign in attempt, a “backup” visual challenge will now be presented. When solved, this will allow the user to proceed with signing in.
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