Our current objective is to create and improve upon the world's greatest community website builder. Over the years, we've had many communities request features that fall under the umbrella of resident or community management software. This is a separate industry from the one our company falls into, although we do see the similarities. There are a number of companies that provide this type of software, and they generally don't compete with website builders.
Some examples of features that fall under management software include:
  • Task/project tracking, usually tied to form submissions (maintenance requests, work orders, ARC requests, etc.)
  • Reservation system, usually for amenities
  • Resident billing (assessing fines, tracking payments made outside the website, sending notices of payments due, etc.)
  • Financial tools (accounting tools, vendor payments, etc.)
  • Document storage (bulk uploading/downloading of files, data retention policies, etc.)
  • Anonymous violation tracking
While management software is on our radar, it's not the industry we're currently in. Still, we'll use this post to gather thoughts, ideas, and comments from customers in case we decide to head that direction in the future.