Our POA offers members a "Directories" folder which contains pages dedicated to recommended builders and realtors (among others). We would like our members to be able to post reviews of their experience with these firms. None of the available page types enable that to be done easily. Please consider adding this Page Type to your toolkit.
Here are some specific suggestions for page features:
  1. Should be designed to be used multiple times (for Realtors, Builders, etc.).
  2. The Heading area should provide an administrator buttons to “Edit Text” and “Manage Reviews” [to Order or Delete posted reviews). In addition, a non-admin member would be offered “+Add Review” choice
  3. The Body Area, upon clicking on +Add Review, should offer a Stars Rating box , a box for entering the company name being reviewed, and a box for optional narrative comments
  4. Finally, a “Save” button would save the review and an “Edit” and “Delete” buttons could be active if the member were the originator of a particular review.
Website administrators could then choose to create a single page (presenting all reviews), or one for each category (e.g., Reviews-Realtors, etc.), or one for each entity being reviewed (e.g., Reviews-ABC Realty). Personally, I would create a folder labeled “Reviews”, with a sub-folder for each category, then within the sub-folder, an individual page for each of our approved realtors and builders.