Pages that members see, but that are not managed by the community admin (e.g. the various tabs under the member and account settings) should have "Help" buttons. When you are a new client and you are loading hundreds of people onto the site, even you as the admin are not familiar with everything. Take for example the "Contact" tab. Most people are going to be unclear on the context of the various options, and as this is an HOA Express page, not a community page, I think the responsibility for providing clarity at this time when everyone is new falls squarely on HOA Ex. You have an excellent help system, but it's only open to admins as far as I can see.

Why not build help links in for regular users for those pages that don't belong to the community? And rather than just one whole-page "Help" button, each option should have one of those circle-around-a-question-mark help links so that people get help on the specific item, and don't have to hunt through reams of text to find the answer to their specific question.

We admins are busy enough explaining the pages we did build (and know). We could use a little help here! 😁